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Marco Rubio in 2012: ‘No one can be above the law, not even the Attorney General’

‘I think an attorney general held in contempt of Congress is someone who should resign,’ Rubio said in a clip unearthed Wednesday.

Video unearthed Wednesday by an activist group shows U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio making the case for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign after he was found in contempt of Congress in 2012.

“No one can be above the law, not even the Attorney General,” Rubio says in the clip.

He added: “I think an attorney general held in contempt of Congress is someone who should resign.”

The video’s unveiling comes on the same day the House Justice Committee voted along party lines to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt for failing to deliver an unredacted copy of the Mueller report and ignoring other subpoeanas.

The clip was released by Republicans for the Rule of Law, a group created by “life-long Republicans dedicated to defending the institutions of our republic,” according to the organizations website.

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Rubio’s comments came after Holder declined to provide documents related to a federal gun sting operation allowed illegal firearm sales to carry out in hopes of tracking the purchases back to the Mexican cartel.

Holder declined to provide certain documents to the Republican-controlled House, citing executive privilege. The House then voted to hold Holder in contempt.

Similarly, President Donald Trump’s White House is threatening to use executive privilege to keep certain documents from Congress, including notes from his personal lawyer which were integral to Mueller’s investigation.

Rubio said Holder’s use of executive privilege led him to believe, ”There’s something in there they don’t want the public to be aware of.”

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In the two-minute clip, Rubio also explains the important role of the House of Representatives in oversight of the executive branch. He said it was "outrageous that any attorney general, Republican or Democrat, refused to comply with Congress’ constitutional right to hold them accountable and the Justice Department accountable."

“I would say that if this was a Republican.”

Watch the video below.