Several hundred President Donald Trump supporters were already in line outside the Amway Center early Tuesday to attend tonight’s 2020 campaign kickoff speech.

A common theme among Trump supporters: The president is not a racist.

Eric Trump spoke from a festival stage outside the arena, telling a crowd sweltering under the sun that the 2020 election is about “judges, judges, many presidents get three Supreme Court nominations.”

Most of the people interviewed were giddy with enthusiasm despite rain earlier today and the intense heat.

“It’s just wonderful to be here and see how many of us are like-minded,” said Christine Bond of Winter Garden.

But here’s an argument between a man wearing a “Bikers for Trump” shirt and a small group of protesters.

“Kent State gun girl” Kaitlin Bennett is here—in between interview attempts with protestors she repeatedly implores viewers to support Alex Jones, who “needs your support now more than ever.”

Kaitlin Bennett, also known as
Kaitlin Bennett, also known as "Kent State gun girl". [Twitter]

Meanwhile, Democrats and other protesters were enthusiastic, too.

An anti-Trump protest was held outside a gay bar a few blocks from the arena. Also nearby, they inflated the “Baby Trump” balloon.

Outside, protesters begin inflating the
Outside, protesters begin inflating the "Baby Trump" balloon. [Twitter]

Of course, as all of this is going on, let’s not forget that money is being made here.

And here we go. The extremist group Proud Boys make an appearance. As they drink in the street a block away from the arena, several shout “CUCKS" at passers-by holding anti-Trump signs.

The Proud Boys outside the Trump rally. [Twitter]
The Proud Boys outside the Trump rally. [Twitter]

Another theme among those supporting Trump is that they aren’t racists, either. The Proud Boys wouldn’t talk to the Times, but they sent an InfoWars “reporter” who repeatedly stated that the Proud Boys are “not racist” -- and that he himself wasn’t one of them, only that he was embedded with them.

A few minutes later, a small group of Proud Boys walk over to an anti-Trump protest and start shouting. Police prevent them from entering the block.

A group of Proud Boys (left) shout at anti-Trump protesters. [Twitter]
A group of Proud Boys (left) shout at anti-Trump protesters. [Twitter]

Hey, after a few minutes, the Baby Trump balloon is up.

Baby Trump. [Twitter]
Baby Trump. [Twitter]

Meanwhile, things were just getting started inside the arena.

Apparently, the Baby Trump balloon outside isn’t the only thing getting inflated.