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We’re such losers compared to these two judges on this week’s Winner/Loser in Florida politics

Ok losers, who needs access to our state politicians, anyway?

Winners of the Week

Florida Supreme Court Justices Barbara Lagoa, left, and Robert Luck, right, were appointed to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta by President Trump. [Florida Supreme Court]

Justices Barbara Lagoa and Robert Luck. Congratulations to this pair of justices, who earned nominations from President Donald Trump to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday. This only months after taking seats on the Florida Supreme Court. Both served on the state’s Third District Court of Appeal in Miami-Dade County before taking the bench in Tallahassee, so it’s a return of sorts to appeals court. And meanwhile, once Lagoa and Luck are confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Gov. Ron DeSantis will get to nominate another two justices. That will bring it to five justices in his short tenure.

Losers of the Week

Think this guy would ever golf with us? Should we ask? [DOUGLAS R. CLIFFORD | Tampa Bay Times]

Chumps like you and me. $25,000 to play a golf foursome with Gov. Ron DeSantis? $150,000 for a dinner event with DeSantis and his wife, Casey? Chances are, you don’t have that kind of disposable income. But according to a story this week by Times Political Editor Steve Contorno, the politics team that works for DeSantis thinks there are plenty of people who would spend that kind of dough. In fact, there are so many it cost out various outings, such as $250,000 for an “intimate” gathering with DeSantis. Of course, the same folks who produced these prices and the rationale behind the plan swear DeSantis never adopted it (though some contributions after a couple of rounds of golf between DeSantis and some lobbyists beg to differ). The whole thing leaves us with FOMO when it comes to our own state government.