1. Gators

Florida poll: Gators, FSU tied for state's favorite team

Unlike your TV breaks, this is a politics-free space. But I will give a shout-out to pollsters for again giving us some useful information: Football fan bases.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 744 likely voters over the last few days. The most important questions were about what their favorite football teams are.

Florida and Florida State were tied for first among state colleges, at 24 percent each. UCF was next (11 percent), followed by Miami (10), USF (7), and FAU/FIU (4 each). The other 17 percent of respondents were unsure.

The group did a similar poll in March; FSU and USF both made some slight gains since then, for what that's worth.

The top NFL teams? Dolphins (20 percent), Bucs (15), Cowboys (10) and Jaguars/Giants (9).

Check out the full results, and nitty-gritty details, here.