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Florida Polytechnic fights for funding, independence

Published Mar. 28, 2013

The leader of the state's newest university would like to respectfully disagree with those who say the school may be better off as a branch to another institution, including House Speaker Will Weatherford. Florida Polytechnic University interim chief operating officer Ava Parker said she will work to convince legislators that the school should stand by itself.

"This board is committed to developing a plan for Florida Polytechnic as an independent university," Parker said today. "We believe that there is a place in the system for Polytechnic. We think it definitely will fill a need that's not being currently met within the system."

But to do become the state's "high-tech jobs" university, the school says it needs money. Parker said she will work on that, too.

"We're looking forward to working with both sides to ensure that both sides match and that we are again fully appropriated at the $27 million re-occurring amount," she said. "We believe that we can demonstrate that we need that budget amount in order to adequately build the vision and implement the university."

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