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Florida reaction to Trump decision to back out of Paris accord

Sen. Marco Rubio has called the deal "ridiculous" but did not issue a statement on Thursday or respond to a request for comment.

Sen. Bill Nelson: "This is a huge mistake. Sea-level rise caused by the Earth heating up is a real threat to Florida. If the U.S. isn't going to do its part to combat climate change, then the rest of the world won't do theirs and millions of Floridians living along the coast will be at risk."

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston: "Coastal communities in my home state of Florida are already seeing a rise in sea levels, while drought, flooding, disease and famine are certain to become more severe as the effects of climate change take hold here and around the globe. Now is the time for Congress, state and local governments and the business community to take bold, decisive actions to slow down and mitigate the inevitable impacts of climate change. This President clearly lacks the common sense and courage to do so."

Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Winter Park: "Addressing climate change and promoting clean, renewable energy is good for Floridians and the economy. That's why I—along with Republicans, Democrats, businesses and environmental groups—oppose the president's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. The United States should not only be a part of any international discussion on the environment, it should be a leader. Despite the president's decision, I will continue working with Republicans and Democrats to find clean energy solutions that create jobs, preserve our natural resources and protect clean air and water for our families."

Rep. Neal Dunn, R-Panama City: "The Paris agreement breaks faith with the Americans we were elected to represent. The pact demanded that America meet stricter emissions standards than it did for China, Russia or India. It also compelled American taxpayers to fork over billions of dollars to other countries in a wealth redistribution scheme.‎ With rising energy prices, American workers would be forced to compete against foreign countries with one hand tied behind their backs, and it would cost our economy $2.5 trillion and 400,000 jobs by 2035. President Trump is right to walk away from a bad deal and put America first."

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, a Democrat: "President Trump will go down as being on the wrong side of history for a number of things but pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement may be the most damaging to our future. We are a nation that prides itself on our ability to work with others to help fix some of the world's most pressing issues and this kind of reaction is shortsighted at best. Mayors across the country should stand unified and work together from the ground up to find solutions to issues facing our cities and certainly the effects of our changing climate is one of them."

Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Tampa: "By exiting the Paris Climate Accord, Trump is saddling Floridians with higher costs and ignoring the boom in higher-paying jobs tied to clean energy. Trump also is ceding America's leadership in the world to other nations with disregard for the economic damage to our fellow Americans."

Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Miami (on CNN): "This is a strategic mistake and something that really sets us back. I don't know about the people of Pittsburgh, who I have great respect for, but people in South Florida live between the Everglades and the ocean. Most of us live near sea level and near the sea. ...We're already seeing the effects of salt water intrusion into the Everglades, which threatens our drinking water supply. We're also seeing coastal properties under threat, real estate, billions and billions of dollars. So, down here in South Florida, we understand that the environment and the economy are one in the same, and we understand that pollution and CO2 emissions don't respect national - and even continental- boundaries. What happens in India, what happens in China, has an impact on all of us."

Rep. Dennis Ross. R-Lakeland: "I strongly support a clean environment, but the Paris Climate Agreement was poorly negotiated by former President Obama, and it simply punishes hard working Floridians with higher energy costs while doing very little, if anything, to stop China and the world's other top polluters. The United States is already a clean energy leader, and we will continue to reduce our emissions. With our national debt hovering around $20 trillion, we do not need and cannot afford to be paying for other countries' energy needs."

Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Miami: "This move, combined with the administration's efforts to dismantle domestic policies and regulations put in place right previous wrongs and keep the nation's environment safe is setting the United States on a dangerous course. And, denying the obvious and claiming that global warming is a hoax is especially disconcerting for Floridians, where issues like the greenhouse effect on water levels and flooding are a major concern. The real hoax is being played on Trump's supporters who will be among those who stand to suffer the most from this administration's policies, from efforts to take away their health care to steps that make the air they breathe and the water they drink less safe."