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Winner/loser of the week in Florida politics: March 24 edition

John Morgan did it his way. And supporters of Amendment 4? They’re trying to find their way.


Florida lawyer John Morgan. [Twitter]

John Morgan. The bombastic Orlando attorney has been at the forefront of the fight for medical marijuana in Florida for years, pouring millions into a constitutional amendment that more than 71 percent of voters approved in 2016. With Gov. Ron DeSantis giving approval to smokable medical marijuana, that’s one more win for Mr. Morgan, even if patients have to wait for more rules to be written.


Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

Amendment 4 supporters. Most of the 5.2 million people who approved the measure in November probably thought they were allowing felons who have served out their sentences to immediately register to vote. Now lawmakers want to make felons pay off restitution and fines that are part of the sentences, and court fees that are not, before allowing them to register to vote. That could mean hundreds, even thousands of dollars, pushing voting rights out of reach for many.