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  1. Florida

Florida is a top 10 state for drunk online shopping. Tell us your weirdest tipsy purchase.

We know our readers have stories of people buying ridiculous items online while drunk. And we want to hear them.

One of my childhood friends went on a trip to Dubai after her mom found a great deal on airline tickets during a tipsy online shopping session.

At the time, I thought it was a funny but probably isolated incident. But drunk shopping is apparently a nationwide phenomenon, according to a new survey by The Hustle.

The online tech and business site surveyed more than 2,000 alcohol consumers to learn about their drunk shopping habits. According to the survey, Floridians were some of the biggest spenders while intoxicated.

The Hustle asked their readers to submit their weirdest drunk purchases. Among them were:

  • A $2,200 pair of night vision goggles
  • Tons of international fights (Azerbaijan, Iceland, Ukraine, Tunisia)
  • An NRA membership
  • A trilogy of Satanic religious books

We know our readers have stories of people buying ridiculous items while tipsy. And we want to hear them.

Fill out the form below or email your story to Answers may appear in an upcoming Times article. If you have a really good item that you bought while hammered but don’t want to share your name, send me an email.