1. Florida

Florida Wonders: Ask us anything about where we live. We’ll find answers.

We want to investigate your burning questions, from what happens to your recycling to why there are so many roosters in Ybor.
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At the heart of every good story is a question:

Why are there giant scales in Publix stores?

Who were Howard Frankland or Bruce B. Downs?

What happened to Bubba the Love Sponge?

Now, we want to hear from our readers: What questions do you have about Florida or the Tampa Bay area?

Introducing Florida Wonders, a new community engagement reporting project. We’re inviting you, our readers, to join the storytelling process.

That question that’s been sticking in your head as you drive through town, brush your teeth or scroll through Twitter? Now’s your time to finally get answers. We want to know what you’re curious about, whether it’s what happens to our sewage or why the Ybor streetcars are yellow. No topic is off limits.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell us what you want to know about the people, places and things in the Tampa Bay area or the state of Florida. Don’t hold back — no question is too big or small.
  2. Our reporters will choose one question to write about each week. We’ll consult the experts inside and outside of the newsroom to track down your answer.
  3. We publish a story on your question, then select another and repeat the process.

Here are some questions readers have already sent in:

  • “Who the heck is ‘Bob’ from Bob’s Barricades, and how did he land the best gig in all of Pinellas County?” — Cheryl W.
  • “How does the SunTrust building roof come up with their color designs and decide what they are going to light up each night?” — Donna G.
  • “Are recycling programs in Tampa Bay successful and, what are the benchmarks for determining success or failure?” — Jeanne C.

Read all of our Florida Wonders stories here. Submit your questions to, or fill out the form below.