‘I am now in St. Petersburg:’ Katherine Heigl says in Instagram video

Katherine Heigl is in St. Petersburg shooting a new film. In a video posted to her social media, she updated her followers straight from the beach and name-checked St. Petersburg.
Katherine Heigl name-checked St. Petersburg from a local beach on her Instagram story. [Photos from Instagram]
Katherine Heigl name-checked St. Petersburg from a local beach on her Instagram story. [Photos from Instagram]
Published April 24, 2019|Updated April 24, 2019

Stars, they’re just like us. Lounging on the beach and enjoying their time off from work, that is.

On Tuesday afternoon, Katherine Heigl, best known for her roles in the TV series Grey’s Anatomy and Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up, name-checked St. Petersburg in a video posted to Twitter and her Instagram story. The video was shot from a local beach, Heigl said, although she did not specify which one.

Heigl is in town shooting a movie entitled I Saw a Man with Yellow Eyes and co-starring Harry Connick, Jr. The movie centers on a young woman with schizophrenia grappling with “vivid and terrifying hallucinations," according to Hillsborough County Commission paperwork, "as she begins to suspect her neighbor has kidnapped a child, while her parents try desperately to hide their own tragic secrets.”

In the video, Heigl sits on a pink-and-white striped beach chair shaded by a blue umbrella. At one point, she turns the camera around to gesture to her toes and knees as she faces the sands and blue waters of the beach.

“It’s pretty spectacular here,” Heigl says. “I gotta say, coming from Utah, where it’s still wind and snow and cold, it feels awesome.”

Heigl is able to go to the beach during the day, she said, because the film shoots at night, so she has been working from around 6 p.m. to about 7 in the morning. Filming is about to wrap “for her” in St. Petersburg, according to her video, and she will soon travel to Toronto to film the last season of Suits.

As the video comes to a close, Heigl wishes her audience an amazing, she pauses, “...Tuesday.”

“I don’t even know what day it is,” she says casually to the camera. “I’m in Florida.”

Stars, they’re truly just like us.