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Natty Light wants to pay someone to drink beer this summer

The bargain beer brand announced a contest for its first summer intern.

If you’re as creative at writing an English paper as you are at converting a bathtub into a cooler, can spell protractor and create “fire” viral content, you might be able to intern for Natural — Natty — Light this summer, the company said.

Natty Light, the college darling nightmare fuel responsible for countless games of beer pong and even less countable questionable decisions, announced in a video released Wednesday that it’s on the hunt for its first summer intern.

And they’re willing to pay about $40 an hour for you to do it.

The catch: Be good at partying??? (shoulder shrug emoji)

In the very tongue-in-cheek, mater-of-fact style video, brand manager Leon Solimani assails traditional internship requirements like high GPAs, work experience, Dean’s lists, “amazing references,” and the ability to use a protractor, while making his way through an office littered with branded Natty Light chotskies.

“Here at Natty, we believe greatness is more than just a paper. I don’t need a reference from your aunt just because she has a different last name than you,” Solimani said. ”How do you even spell protracir (sic)? And who the f--- is Dean anyway?”

Soliman added Natty Light is looking for “a well-rounded, fun-loving human being who knows how to get things done.”

Natty Light intern requirements include being able to spell protractor, but not necessarily knowing how to use one. [YouTube]
Natty Light intern requirements include being able to spell protractor, but not necessarily knowing how to use one. [YouTube]

The intern’s job duties will include attending sporting events, “gorilla” marketing, traveling to “cool” places and managing the brand’s social channels and recording a weekly vlog. Oh, and “product research,” which, in this case, means exactly what you think it does.

Submissions are open until May 19 and the internship runs from June 10 through Aug. 2.

To enter, apply at

Natty Light this year has seemed to have embraced its status as a lower-cost beverage likely consumed in more dorm rooms than bars. It announced a plan to help repay $10 million of student loans over the next 10 years and introduced “Naturdays,” a strawberry-lemonade lager served in a flamingo adorned sunset pink can.

According to the job description, Natty Light said “confidence is a must” and asks candidates to “just be cool.”