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Jimmy Patronis scores big on Winner/Loser of the week in Florida politics

Meanwhile, Florida’s corporate elite make it look easy. So much winning.

Winner of the week

The Israeli contingent. Here’s your government in the sunshine, circa 2019: Florida’s corporate elite will be basking in the glow of Florida’s top elected officials, including Gov. Ron DeSantis, during a week-long trip to Israel. The rest of us? We’ll be shivering in the cold night air of governmental indifference. Perhaps we’ll get a postcard from VIPs like Florida Chamber of Commerce President Mark Wilson or Florida Power & Light CEO Eric Silagy. Or maybe Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will spill? They’ll surely tell us all about their confabs during the gobs of unsupervised face time they’ll spend with DeSantis and company on foreign soil. Well, at least what’s good for business is good for the rest of us, right? Right?

Jimmy Patronis [Tampa Bay Times]

Loser of the week

Jimmy Patronis. For whatever reason, Florida’s chief financial officer really wanted Ronald Rubin to get the $166,000 job as the state’s commissioner of the Office of Financial Regulation. Never mind that Rubin, a former Washington D.C. lawyer, hadn’t had a full-time job in four years. Or that he was reportedly fired from his last job because of a sexual harassment accusation. That last detail was completely missed, according to a Patronis spokeswoman. What, no background checks? So, ostensibly in the dark about his work history, Patronis in February pushed for Rubin over 21 other qualified applicants, and the rest of the Cabinet went along and approved him. Within weeks, Rubin was accused in his new job of “inappropriate and uncomfortable behavior” with an employee. Two more people have now come forward with their own stories of inappropriate behavior by Rubin. So why again did Patronis want to hire Rubin, who has since been suspended pending the results of an investigation? Patronis won’t say.