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Tell us: How has Tampa Bay changed since Stonewall?

We ask readers to reflect on their lives and Tampa Bay in the 50 years since the uprising, plus their advice for the future.
Rainbow Pride flags fly in downtown St. Petersburg. [Martha Asencio Rhine  |  Times (2018)]
Rainbow Pride flags fly in downtown St. Petersburg. [Martha Asencio Rhine | Times (2018)]
Published May 29, 2019

This year’s Pride Month commemorates a milestone in the LGBTQ rights movement: 50 years since the Stonewall Uprising.

While those days near the end of June 1969 at the famed Greenwich Village gay bar were not the first time that queer and trans people fought back against police brutality, the frustration and collective resistance against systematic injustice helped spark the modern rights movement. Its impact rippled throughout the United States, and world, giving rise to more activist groups and helping break down closet doors in an effort that continues today. Stonewall is, after all, why we celebrate Pride in June.

But as LGBTQ history is often not preserved by mainstream academia and news outlets, many stories and names — especially ones outside of major cities known for LGBTQ populations like New York City and San Francisco — are lost.

We want to help save that history of Tampa Bay.

We want to know how Stonewall has affected you — especially, but not limited to, readers who were alive in 1969. Beyond that, how have you helped make history in Tampa Bay. These actions could be the small yet profound moments like holding hands in public to community organizing as well as changing policies and laws.

In the Google form below, share your story as well as your hopes and advice for young(er) LGBTQ people and the future of the nation. For example, do you remember what you thought when you first heard about Stonewall? Did it put you on a new path? How have things changed in your lifetime? What is it like to be any age in the LGBTQ community today? What do you hope 2069 looks like?

Your story may be used in future Tampa Bay Times articles. If you have more you want to say, please contact tbt*'s Coast is Queer editor Ashley Dye at