What the Rays might be called if they move half their home games to Montreal

One way fans are coping with the unsettling possibility is by imagining new nicknames for the franchise.
Published June 21, 2019|Updated June 21, 2019

The idea of the Rays possibly moving half of their home games to Montreal is unsettling for Tampa Bay-area fans, to say the least.

In fact, many would rather lose the team altogether than share it with another city.

Clearly, neither is a very satisfying solution to the years-long stadium and attendance problems.

One way fans are coping with the possibility — absurdity, to many — is by imagining names for the franchise in the event it eventually does split its time between the two markets.

Could the team keep the name, “Rays”? Sure. But given the lack of, you know, rays, in Montreal, the franchise would join the Utah Jazz, Jacksonville Jaguars and others with geographically challenged nicknames.

Ex-Rays, a mashup of Montreal’s former MLB team, the Expos, and Rays, seems to be the most popular choice.

But it isn’t the only suggestion.

We posted the question to our Twitter followers.

Here are some of their ideas:





Orange Juleps

Montreal FLex (as in Florida ex) or ExFL’s (ex Floridians)

The Frays


Canadian Lightning


CanAm Split Tails

Others, from the comments below this story:

Expos (in Montreal) and Rays (in Tampa)

N.A. Rays (North American Rays)

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These ones have to hurt ...



High Sparrows (a Game of Thrones reference, again sticking with the traitor theme)





Dead To Me

Additional suggestions we found on Twitter: