Here's a breakdown of Floridians who have helped Jeb Bush the most in raising money

Published Oct. 15, 2015

Jeb Bush's presidential campaign today released a list of people who have helped him raise money, but with a twist.

While "bundler" names do not have to be disclosed (unless they are lobbyists) the former Florida governor used a much lower threshold. So while Democratic frontrunner Hilllary Clinton identifies bundlers who have raised at least $100,000, Bush is naming anyone who raised $17,600 -- the trigger for disclosing lobbyists. That makes it harder to determine the big fundraisers for Bush.

Here's a breakdown of 76 Floridians who made the cut as major Bush fundraisers:

Carlos Alfonso -- Tampa
Jorge Arrizurieta --Coral Gables
Rodney Barreto --Coral Gables
Slater Bayliss --Tallahassee
Dick Beard --Tampa
Bill Becker --Vero Beach
Nick Bonfiglio --Miami
Nancy Brinker --Palm Beach
David Brown --Windermere
G. Donovan Brown --Tallahassee
David Browning --Tallahassee
Hannah and Duke Buchan --Palm Beach
Ed Burr --Jacksonville
Joe Caruncho --Coconut Grove
Gary Chartrand --Ponte Vedra Beach
Sue and Chuck Cobb --Coral Gables
Chris Corr --Jacksonville
Husein Cumber --Jacksonville
Neill Currie --Vero Beach
Don DeFosset --Tampa
Jorge Dominicis --West Palm Beach
Ed Easton --Key Biscayne
Tre' Evers --Orlando
Tom Feeney --Oviedo
Mike Fernandez --Coral Gables
Jon Ferrando --Fort Lauderdale
Marty Fiorentino --Saint Johns
Jeffrey and Frances Fisher --Palm Beach
Alan Florez --Ormond Beach
Mark Guzzetta --Boca Raton
Jonathan Hage --Fort Lauderdale
William Harrison --Panama City
Al Hoffman --North Palm Beach
Forough and Mori Hosseini --Daytona Beach
Toni Jennings --Orlando
Manny Kadre --Coral Gables
Belinda Keiser --Parkland
Jack Kelly --Naples
John Kirtley --Tampa
Ronnie Krongold --Miami Beach
Jack Latvala --Largo
Howard Leach --Palm Beach
George LeMieux --Fort Lauderdale
Marcos Marchena --Orlando
Bob Martinez --Tampa
Frank Martire --Ponte Vedra Beach
Randall McElheney --Panama City
Will McKinley --Tallahassee
Michele Merrell --Fort Lauderdale
Donald Miller --Palm Beach
Ana Navarro --Coral Gables
Rupal and Piyush Patel --Lakeland
Scott Peelen --Winter Park
Tom Petway --Atlantic Beach
Sergio Pino --Coral Gables
Ed Pozzuoli -- Fort Lauderdale
Connie Prince --Tallahassee
Adam Putnam --Bartow
Raquel A. Rodriguez --Key Biscayne
John Rood --Saint Augustine
Francis Rooney --Naples
Jason Rosenberg --Gainesville
Peter Rummell --Jacksonville
Justin Sayfie --Fort Lauderdale
David Seldin --Tierra Verde
Brent Sembler --Saint Petersburg
Kathleen Shanahan --Tampa
Bruce Sherman --Naples
Eric Silagy --Palm Beach Gardens
Wilton Simpson --New Port Richey
Trey Traviesa --Tampa
Jason Unger --Tallahassee
Drew Weatherford --Wesley Chapel
Will Weatherford --Wesley Chapel
Dorothy Weaver --Coral Gables
Dr. Zach Zachariah --Sea Ranch Lakes