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Full disclosure: My AP ballot (Oct. 20)

Like many voters who found their ballots reduced to rubble Saturday, I've spent the ensuing hours reconfiguring, restructuring and re-writing. Emphasis on re-writing.

After thorough assessment and agonizing, the following is what I turned in to Associated Press headquarters this morning. A little insight into what was running through my cerebrum:

Of the teams on last week's ballot, South Carolina (seventh to 17th) and Louisville (ninth to 19th) took the biggest drops, and deservedly so. Auburn made the biggest leap.

I refused to keep Clemson (third to 11th) in the top 10 after it was woefully outcoached in its biggest game in more than 30 years, but this team isn't as putrid as it looked Saturday. Remember, the Tigers beat Georgia when the Dawgs were, well, the Dawgs.

Miami jumped two spots, from 12th to 10th. I hear people bemoaning how they had to eke out Thursday's win in Chapel Hill. To the contrary, I rewarded them for winning a conference game on the road despite losing four prominent starters early on.

The door kicked Washington, Georgia and Florida in their proberbial rears on their way off my ballot. UCF, Northern Illinois and Notre Dame entered.

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. FSU
4. Ohio State
5. Baylor
6. Stanford
7. Texas Tech
8. Auburn
9. Missouri
10. Miami
11. Clemson
12. UCLA
13. LSU
14. Texas A&M
15. Virginia Tech
16. Oklahoma
17. South Carolina
18. UCF
19. Louisville
20. Oklahoma State
21. Wisconsin
22. Fresno State
23. Michigan
24. Northern Illinois
25. Notre Dame