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Full disclosure: My latest AP ballot

After a full hour of drafting, revising, deleting and cursing the day I agreed to be an AP football voter, my latest ballot finally is complete.

To deem it a dumpster fire would be too mild. This is a train wreck, the Hindenburg, Lady Gaga's hairdo, Skip Holtz's offense.

But isn't that what makes college football so darn magnificent?

All I know is, I feel pretty solid about my top six. Unless I'm mistaken, the only two-loss team on my ballot is Stanford, but those were two quality defeats (USC, Notre Dame). USC is out. So is LSU. And Wisconsin. And...heck, half the ballot from last week was bounced.

Returning to my top 25 is Arizona State. Making their respective debuts are TCU, Arizona, Georgia Tech and Utah.

1. FSU
2. Auburn
3. Baylor
4. Ole Miss
5. Notre Dame
6. Mississippi State
7. Oklahoma
8. Alabama
9. Oregon
10. Michigan State
11. Georgia
12. UCLA
13. Texas A&M
14. TCU
15. Oklahoma State
16. Nebraska
17. Arizona
18. East Carolina
19. Ohio State
20. Missouri
21. Kansas State
22. Arizona State
23. Georgia Tech
24. Stanford
25. Utah