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Full disclosure: My latest AP football ballot

Typically, a ballot's greatest fluctation occurs between Week 1 (when we're saddled with so many unknowns) and Week 2 (when we know a bit more). On this particular ballot, that's no exception.

A week ago at this time, we didn't know if Texas had a solid No. 1 quarterback. Turns out, it has two.

We didn't know if LSU QB Brandon Harris finally had found his rhythm. Turns out, it's still buried somewhere deep in the un-frozen tundra.

We didn't know just how mesmerizing Houston would be, or how mediocre Tennessee would appear.

And candidly, there are a few things of which we're still unsure: Among them are Florida's offensive viability, TCU's defensive viability, and whether Miami's gonna set a school record for early-season attrition.

As a result, this ballot won't bear much resemblance to last week's, except for Clemson remaining at No. 1.

I had the Tigers atop my initial ballot, and I simply can't penalize a team for going on the road -- to a highly hostile SEC venue, no less -- and winning. Granted, Auburn's trending downward these days, but so is USC (loser of four of its last five), and the Tide rolled the Trojans on a neutral site.

1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Ohio State
4. FSU
5. Houston
6. Michigan
7. Georgia
8. Texas
9. Louisville
10. Washington
11. Stanford
12. Wisconsin
13. Texas A&M
14. TCU
15. Oklahoma
16. Iowa
17. Notre Dame
18. Michigan State
19. Oregon
20. Oklahoma State
21. Miami
22. Ole Miss
23. LSU
24. Florida
25. Tennessee