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Is 'The Little Couple,' whose stars call St. Petersburg home, returning to TLC?

Dr. Jen Arnold, left, and her husband Bill Klein appear in TLC's "The Little Couple" with their adopted children Zoey and Will. [TLC (2017)]

Is The Little Couple coming back to TLC?

Yes. The network will begin showing new episodes of the reality television show Aug. 6.

"Moving to Florida wasn't an easy task for the Klein-Arnolds, but St. Petersburg is finally starting to feel like home," TLC says. "The family of four is fully immersing themselves in everything the city has to offer — beaches, boats and becoming closer to their extended family who live nearby. Zoey and Will are adjusting well to school and enjoying fun extracurricular activities such as Bollywood dance and Cub Scouts.

"Meanwhile, Bill and Jen take the time to appreciate the important things in life as they begin to prepare for Jen's upcoming hip replacement surgery. Although she's undergone more than 30 procedures, surgery always comes with risk and the family worries that this time there could be complications."

The Little Couple follows the lives and family of entrepreneur Bill Klein and St. Petersburg native and neonatologist Dr. Jen Arnold, who have skeletal dysplasia and two adopted children Zoey and Will. Arnold joined Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg as a medical director in July 2017, prompting their move to Florida from Houston.

Aug. 6 will mark the 14th season for the show, which premiered a decade ago.

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