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Get ready: 'Fear The Walking Dead' promises chaos, tension and just enough bite

We are just two days away from the premiere of AMC's zombie apocalypse spinoff show Fear the Walking Dead.


Set at the very beginning of the outbreak of the virus (microbe? mutation?), Fear gives us the full tour of society's breakdown once the sick die then come back to snack on the living.

Though this is the universe that encompasses The Walking Dead, Fear gives us a fresh landscape and characters not based on Robert Kirkman's famous comics. Instead of the small towns and backwoods of Georgia, we get the bustling urban jungle of Los Angeles. The characters in Dead flee overrun cities for the just-a-bit-safer wooded areas. Fear's trailer shows the focus family split and struggling to find a safe place to bunker down inside the quickly deteriorating city.

Only time will tell if Los Angeles becomes the next post-apocalyptic Atlanta.


Instead of getting comic book archetypal characters -- the sheriff, the farmer, the governor, the redneck -- like in Dead, Fear focuses on an extended family. Underestimated actress Kim Dickens (Gone Girl, House of Cards) plays Madison, a high school guidance counselor and mother to drug-addled son Nick (Frank Dillane, aka Tom Riddle from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey). The other half of the family has Madison's boyfriend, Travis (Cliff Curtis) and his son Christopher (Lorenzo Henrie).

Just a normal family dealing with normal family issues -- divorce, raising teenagers, meshing two families together. These characters don't exactly come equipped with zombie-fighting and survival skills.

Since the trailer and release date reveal at San Diego Comic Con last month, the internet has been flooded with predictions, analysis of the trailer and most recently, a preview of the first three minutes of the first episode.

The sneak peak shows Nick waking up in a drug den of sorts recovering from another wild night. He stumbles upon another druggie with his neck ripped out then finds a girl (possibly the owner of the strange shirt Nick is wearing) feasting on her friend.

Just like at the beginning of Dead, the zombies aren't yet monsters. Or at least they don't look like monsters. When one of them is killed, you'll probably get feelings because it looks human, not a walking, rotting corpse.

The best part of the show could possibly be the audience already know what's going on. We already know once you're bitten, you're dead. You can't reason with a zombie, it just wants to eat you. Zombie killing 101: a sharp object or bullet through the brain. But Fear's characters don't know that yet. People are rioting in the streets, desperate for answers. Social media is flooded with videos of the sick and dying rising again and then being murdered in the streets.

The audience gets to see the spread of the virus as well as the spread of chaos.

The characters don't yet know the life they've created is about to come crashing down.

Fear The Walking Dead premieres this Sunday at 9p.m. on AMC.