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Get your swerve on: London contemplates allowing gondola riders to booze it up

With the high winds of Hurricane Hermine still fresh in people's minds, it may not be the best time for supporters to reignite the quest to bring gondolas to Tampa Bay.

Earlier this year, gondolas as a form of mass transit were all the rage. Clearwater was intrigued. St. Petersburg tried to get a federal grant to build several lines.

Meanwhile, London's gondola line, launched before the 2012 Olympics, is struggling to attract riders. Originally estimated to convey 2,500 riders an hour, it averages 4,000 a day. Londoners have hung the sobriquet "the Dangleway" on the privately-run business for its frequent service interruptions during high winds.

A proposed solution? Allow the operator to open champagne bars at its two riverside terminals. Also: disco and karaoke nights are on the table.

Now, really, what could be better than swinging in the wind with a bellyful of champagne and strobe lights?