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Give up that cocktail dress you never wear to someone who will really rock it!

Maybe it's time to accept it. You've been trying to lose 15 pounds to fit into that great cocktail dress at the back of your closet for a while and it's not happening.

You know, the one you wore to your cousin's wedding three years ago. The short yellow one with the square neckline and long organza sleeves.

I'm not saying you won't ever lose those lbs but why not let somebody else who needs that dress right now have it. Who really NEEDS that dress you ask?

Hundreds of high school girls in Tampa Bay who can't afford to go out and buy a dress for homecoming or prom. (Homecoming dances are just around the corner.)

Fortunately a great organization called Belle of the Ball has got their backs. And their fronts, sleeves, straps, heels, purses and jewelry. Since 2003 it has given away 4,500 formal dresses to area high school girls.

The Belle of the Ball location at 1210 Holt Ave. in Clearwater is set up like a real store where girls can come in and shop for free.

So now you're ready to donate that dress but it's got a little stain on the sleeve. Remember the chocolate fondu fountain at the wedding? You should never mix sticky chocolate with free alcohol while wearing a dress with long, flowing sleeves.

Well, problem solved. The good folks at Sun Country Cleaners have just teamed up with Belle of the Ball. All 36 locations accept donations and will dry clean clothing at no charge before it's handed over to the charity.

The cleaners also accepts accessories and shoes. So you have no excuse. Find the nearest Sun Country Cleaners and take that dress as well as a bag of other items you rarely use.

Your back of the closet maybe-I'll-wear-it-someday dress could become a wow-girl-you-look-great dress in the near future.