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Good news? Glennon has played in Georgia Dome before

TAMPA -- The Bucs have loud music blaring in practice to help get the team ready for Sunday's game at the Falcons, especially rookie QB Mike Glennon, who will make his first road start in the Georgia Dome.

"We have the speakers out there blasting. I've played there once before, and it is loud," Glennon said. "I'm sure it's going to be amped up a little bit. That Dome, it really keeps the sound in there. It makes me prepare that much more to be on top of our game plan. You can't always hear everything in the headset, whatever the communication may be, that just shows how much more we have to prepare, myself as a quarterback and as an offense, so if we can't hear each other perfectly, we still are able to understand what we're trying to do on that play."

What Glennon didn't mention is that his one game in the Georgia Dome -- last year's neutral-site season opener against Tennessee -- saw him commit six turnovers in a 35-21 loss for N.C. State. Glennon was intercepted a career-high four times, had a fumble returned for a touchdown and another recovered at the Wolfpack 3-yard line. For comparison, after throwing four interceptions in that game, Glennon threw a total of three interceptions in his next six games.

RUNNING MAN: Glennon hasn't been perceived as a particularly mobile passer -- he rushed for minus-164 yards last season, counting sacks -- but he broke loose up the middle for a 16-yard gain in Sunday's loss, his longest run since high school.

"I think I've always been able to move enough in the pocket," he said Wednesday. "I don't use my feet as a weapon, but when need be, I think I can get a few yards, then get down, get the first down. That's all I'm trying to do, and that's really all you need to do. As a quarterback, you want to throw the ball, get the ball in the playmakers' hands, and if need be, run and get a first down. I'm sure that won't happen too often, but I think I showed I can do it if the defense opens up."

Tackle Donald Penn said he was impressed by Glennon's ability to pick up the first down and gave his quarterback some grief about his scrambling ability after the game.

"I was messing with him, said 'Man, I didn't know you could run like that, I need to see you do that more often,'" Penn said. "It really, really puts the defense at a disadvantage when he does that. Every time he did run, the field was wide-open. As an offensive line, we have to do a better job so he doesn't have to run. When he does, he did a great job, great job of getting down and not getting himself hit."

MOMENT OF LEVITY: Glennon said he and coach Greg Schiano shared a laugh on the sidelines after his run, on the opposite sideline from former Oregon and current Eagles coach Chip Kelly.

"Coach Schiano always gives me a hard time about not going to Rutgers," he said. "After that long run, there was a time out. I came to the sideline and he was kind of smiling. I just joked and said 'Maybe I should have gone to Oregon instead.'"