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Governor's fundraiser schedule includes $10k per photo op

Von Allmen invite
Fort Lauderdale venture capitalist and beauty school mogul Doug Von Allmen is the latest in a string of big money men to be host a fundraising reception for Gov. Rick Scott. The governor, who has not yet officially declared his candidacy for re-election next year, is asking a mere $10,000 per couple to get a photo taken with him during the Oct. 30 event, and $5,000 to attend the reception at Von Allmen's waterfront his mansion on the Intracoastal.

Joining Von Allmen on the hosting committee is Fort Lauderdale attorney Bill Scherer and Broward car dealer Rick Case.

"Our Governor has worked tirelessly to get businesses to relocate to Florida since his election. It has paid off with a very large increase in jobs in our state," wrote Von Allmen in his solicitation letter.

"I recently met a new friend who moved his business here from Ireland. He said the Governor questioned him for almost 2 hours about his thoughts on how to attract more businesses. That is the kind of leadership we need...

"The suggested contribution can be money you give or raise. If you would like to be one of a very small group of 8 having dinner with the Governor after the reception, please give me a call..."

The money will go to Scott's political committee, Let's Get to Work, in which Scott has amassed $18 million so far in campaign contributions -- even without a campaign.

Von Allmen, founder of Beauty Alliance, the chain of beauty schools, last made headlines as one of the failed investors of the Ponzi scheme run by now-convicted attorney Scott Rothstein.

"The amount of money was substantial,'' Von Allmen told the Broward New Times. "It was an amount I wish I'd given to charity instead of that investment. It won't change my lifestyle that much, but it was a nice sum. ... I will still eat out at a restaurant every night, this is just something I need to get through."