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Gwen Graham's new ad blames Southerland for gov't shutdown

Published Sep. 25, 2014

Gwen Graham has a new ad criticizing Rep. Steve Southerland for his role in the government shutdown of 2013.

"Believe me, I can handle Congressman Southerland's campaign of lies and put-downs," the Democrat says. "But his vote for the government shutdown? Now, that's a problem. His shutdown hurt businesses and families. Seniors, and even our veterans."

Southerland, R-Panama City, would argue it wasn't a vote to shutter the government but to stop Obamacare. But that's the effect it had, and the move drove a wedge in the GOP and caused public backlash.

The ad is up today in Tallahassee and Panama City.

UPDATE: Southerland points to votes he took to keep parts of the government running. House Republicans cast numerous votes that died in the Senate. "Gwen Graham talks about changing the tone in Washington, but her entire campaign is built upon false personal attacks copied straight from the Pelosi playbook," said Southerland campaign manager Luke Strickland. "The truth is Steve voted three times to avert a government shutdown. And when Gwen's party bosses refused to work across the aisle and shut the government down, Steve voted more than a dozen times to fund essential services for hardworking families, seniors, and veterans. Gwen Graham knows better, and her smear tactics are a sad sign of how she'd represent us in Congress."