Here's why Gary Numan isn't a one-hit wonder

Published March 31, 2015

Is Gary Numan a one-hit wonder? It's a debate that has been covered on SIT80's podcasts before, so if you think Numan is a O-H-W (does this acronym exist?), then maybe we can change your mind with Change Your Mind.

In the stalled SIT80's podcast series Best and Worst (or is it Still Awesome/Lame Then, Lamer Now) that ranks the best/worst songs of each year of the '80s, Gary Numan's Cars was justly rewarded by the SIT Nation as favorite song of 1980. Because it is so beloved, many only focus on Cars when Gary Numan is mentioned. While US radio treats Gary Numan as a OHW, in his native England, Numan was a consistent chart performer scoring twenty Top 40 hits in the UK.

In 1985, Numan teamed up with jazz fusion keyboardist Bill Sharpe for the single-only, Change Your Mind, that was one of those Numan Top 40 UK hits. The video is '80s gold as Sharpe uses computers, synthesizers and robotics to create his own Gary Numan. In the video, Numan is seen in his ghostly white makeup, a look that was created in his younger years to hide acne scars and remained as his go-to stage and video look.

The loyal fans of Numan, called Numanoids, never are at a lack of material for the "one-hit wonder" as Numan released an album every year in the '80s except for 1987 and has amassed over sixty studio, live and compilation albums over his career.