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Hernando School Board considers changes to high school absence policy

Published Jun. 26, 2014

The Hernando County School District is considering a handful of changes for next school year that aim to curb the number of absences among high school students.
The changes, which were discussed in Tuesday's School Board workshop, still require board approval at a later date.

Under the proposed changes, students would be required to maintain a 90 percent attendance rate per class period throughout the school year, according to the district's 2014-15 high school handbook procedures manual. If students fails to maintain that 90 percent threshold, they run the risk of losing a host of privileges, including parking, homecoming, grad night and prom.

Only unexcused absences will be factored into the calculation; excused absences don't count.

Also, any students with unexcused absences who don't have 90 percent attendance in the semester will receive a maximum grade of 70 percent for all make-up work, according to the new policy.

The district is also considering altering its excused absence policy.

Parents or guardians can provide up to five days of excused notes, according to the new policy. Anything beyond that may require a doctor's note. Extenuating circumstances may be addressed with the administration.