1. Hernando

Hernando County Letters to the Editor for Aug. 16

Area loses desirability with development

The signs go up, the trees come down. We are experiencing rapid, large-scale growth in our county. As many others, we came here from northern suburbs. It is difficult to recognize or even remember what they used to look like. So much of what made these areas desirable has been lost due to the development.

The ongoing narrative was and is that with the new homes and business, the tax base will expand and all the incurred cost will be spread out among everybody, and that taxes will most likely decrease. This sounds fine in theory, but hardly ever works in practice.

I lived for more than 50 years in Suffolk County, NY. The taxes are high, user fees for parks and beaches have increased substantially, municipal services are stretched to the limit, the traffic is choking, and overall, the cost of living is prohibitive for many people, even those who work more than one job.

We need to get ahead of a potential serious problem.

Impact fees are one way to help ease the financial burdens that large-scale growth will cause. The fees will help to defray the cost of building roads, schooling children, supplying government services and police.

As an added benefit, it just may slow down the development a little bit, and that's not all bad.

Dan Greene, Weeki Wachee