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Hernando letter to the editor

Republic Services needs to provide smaller trash bins | May 10 letter

I would like to echo the letter of May 10 by Marvin Gottlieb. Republic said in their original communication that smaller bins would be available in 90 days. I am 86 and have a long driveway. I recycle and put out house waste only once a week. It is a difficult for me, and my wife could never handle this 95-gallon bin.

My first call was to request a smaller bin. I got no response.

My second call resulted in having another 95-gallon bin delivered.

My third call was to have someone pick up the extra 95-gallon bin.

My fourth call was to the home office was on April 24. I was told that they had smaller bins, and it would be no problem and was given a work order number.

I am still waiting for a smaller bin.

Frank Albertson, Brooksville