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  1. Hernando

Hernando Letters to the Editor for June 21

Re: Federal funds for gun range possible | June 14 story

Per the Tampa Bay Times, "Hernando County commissioners are thinking about adding a new adventure to their Adventure Coast tourism campaign — a public gun range, possibly in the Withlacoochee State Forest. Commissioners on Tuesday gave their unanimous support for their staff to begin investigating how to secure state approval and federal dollars through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act."

The working time spent on this "investigation" already is costing Hernando County taxpayers.

Why use taxpayer money to fund a project that could do fine with private ownership, if it is such a beneficial, money-making tourist attraction?

The five Republican commissioners may feel that target practice is something "qualifying" for restoring wildlife, but it clearly is not.

Rather than seek a government grant, let the market drive it.

Commissioner Champion says he is unable to fund something like this even though he has the property that he could donate for it. He also owns the gun shop that could supply the guns.

Are there no venture capitalists available to fund this or have they already passed on the venture as a loser?

When afraid that the idea may not fly in our county, it's a cop out to want to use a state forest for it, taxpayer funds to fund it and then the public would be charged fees to use it. But wait. Don't we already have a gun club for those who want to shoot things? What else is the gun club for, if not that?

To be clear, as a Green Party member, I do not favor either the R's or the D's. In this case, I have to question why the five Republicans feel it is okay to use taxpayer dollars for what they want, even as they say that they want to shrink government.

Being that our county is short the funds under the current leadership to go alone, this shoots in the foot (excuse the pun) the long-promoted idea that Republicans are good with money.

Jennifer Sullivan, Spring Hill