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Hey, girlfriend! What happened to Irene Cara after '84?

The inside joke of Stuck in the '80s is the perceived lack of female fans, so today we dedicate today's Lost and Found song of Girlfriends by Irene Cara to the female SIT80's fans - all seven of you.

Although she is still in her 50s, Irene Cara was in show business while many of us were in diapers. As an 11-year-old she won a Broadway Obie Award and later as a tween she was a cast member of PBS' The Electric Company in the early '70s. However, most of us remember her music more than her acting, most specifically the title song of the hit movie Fame, which she starred in, and of course Flashdance ... What A Feeling that was No. 1 for six weeks in 1983. As iconic as those songs are, Cara still had other hits and non-hits like Girlfriends.

Even though Cara had six Top 40 hits in the '80s, she failed to hit the countdown after 1984. In 1987 she released the single Girlfriends but it failed to chart. The video for Girlfriends is great fun as Cara is a roller derby member of The Charasmatics (also the title of her album) and while they might not be the best skaters in the world, the girls find they can overcome anything as long as the girlfriends stick together. You also get ten points if you can spot the uniform goof in the video.

After the '80s, Cara formed a group named Hot Caramel and is promoting her music through her own Youtube channel.

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