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Hillary Clinton and her ultrarich pals

A passage from a New York Times story on how Hillary Clinton is mingling with her ultra-rich friends.

"It's like going to a wedding or a bar mitzvah — you catch up," explained Mitchell Berger, a Democratic donor in Florida, about the familial nature of the events. Mr. Berger would know: He has been raising money for the Clintons since he held a fund-raiser in his Fort Lauderdale office for Mr. Clinton the day after he announced his candidacy in 1991.

Mr. Berger, who joined Mrs. Clinton last month at a donor event in Miami Beach, said many of the individual conversations before and after she speaks at the gatherings are centered more on grandchildren than weighty policy matters. But when she has had a give-and-take this summer about issues, Mrs. Clinton, who has promised to "reshuffle the deck" in favor of the middle class and portrayed Mr. Trump as an out-of-touch billionaire, has almost exclusively been fielding the concerns of the wealthiest Americans.

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