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Home-school group takes stance in Florida mom's case

Published Nov. 29, 2013

A Florida mother's child visitation court battle has become the Home School Legal Defense Association's latest cause.

The mom, Therese Cano, had been home-schooling her children and, according to the HSLDA, a court psychologist had found the kids were doing well academically. But a guardian ad litem for the children told the court she believed they would benefit from the socialization aspects of public schooling.

The judge then ordered the children into public schools, overruling a court order permitting the home schooling. The HSLDA quotes the judge as saying, "When are they going to socialize? Is homeschool going to continue through college and/or professional schooling? At which point are these children going to interact with other children, and isn't that in their best interest?"

The organization finds the case a strong venue to highlight the positive aspects of home schooling.

"It is truly unfortunate that after decades of homeschooling parents are still fighting a battle against ignorance and 'What about socialization?' " Jim Mason, HSLDA's litigation counsel, said in a release. "We see this as an excellent opportunity to educate judges in Florida about homeschooling success."

Read the group's filing, a detailed and interesting defense of home-school education, for more details.


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