1. Florida

How attractive is Florida as a location for teaching?

The California-based Learning Policy Institute reviewed several data points, such as starting pay, classroom autonomy, turnover and experience, and found Florida one of the least attractive places in the nation to teach.

On a 5-point scale, it rated the Sunshine State a 2.25 -- not quite as bad as Arizona (1.5), Texas or Colorado (both 2.0), but not close to Oregon (4.09), Wyoming (4.0) or Pennsylvania (3.92). Even Georgia and Alabama fared better on the scale, at 3.25 and 3.33, respectively.

Among Florida's top attributes were its pupil-teacher ratio, percentage of minority teachers and strength of administrative support. Among its low points were its percentage of uncertified teachers and percentage of inexperienced teachers.

See the group's interactive graphic for more details, as well as its full report on teacher shortages.