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How to look like Uptown Funk muse Michelle Pfeiffer for free

Michelle Pfeiffer and her trademark wavy tresses.
Michelle Pfeiffer and her trademark wavy tresses.
Published Feb. 19, 2015

In Uptown Funk Michelle Pfeiffer is a "straight masterpiece." In Riptide, she's the pinnacle other women are held up to to as the "closest thing to Michelle Pfeiffer that you've ever seen."

A 56-year-old woman is the steamy siren in Bilboard's No. 1 and No. 33 pop songs.

Google photos of Pfeiffer and it's actually not that surprising. Whether it's the shot of her at last year's Coachella music fest in a loose black tank top, army green capris and black ankle boots or in plunging necklines and perfectly quaffed bangs in 1983's Scarface, Michelle Pfeiffer is beautiful.

Most of her look is God given, but there are ways to at least duplicate her hairstyles circa 1983 and 2014.
Paul Villeneuve, Aveda South's vice president of creative, walked me through the rules of bangs as well as how to get Pfeiffer's trademark "distorted wave look," as he calls it.

"There's a lot of work that goes into hair that looks like nothing has been done to it," he said.
But before I get to his hair coaching, let me tell you about a great deal.

Aveda's Tampa Bay Institute in Clearwater at 28272 Highway U.S. 19 has a complimentary styling bar. Make an appointment or just walk in and an Aveda student will style your hair and even better, show you how to style it on your own.

"We're trying to work really hard to help gusts learn a daily routine. If they only love their hair once every eight weeks when they get it cut at a salon, that's not good," Villeneuve said. Stylists will work with anyone, whether they got their hair done at Aveda or not.

Can you say date night? Girls night out? Online dating profile pic?

Okay, back to that straight masterpiece that is Michelle Pfieffer. Can anyone try those simple, yet sultry bangs she rocked in Scarfece? Well, the best faces for bangs have a good amount of space between their brow line and hair line, according to Villeneuve.

"But that doesn't mean a narrower space isn't going to work for bangs. It's just that you would want softer, more see-through fringe," he said. "If that space is narrow the bangs should be slightly longer on the outside and shorter on the inside."

Pfeiffer has a good amount of space between her brows and hairline, Villeneuve observed, so that's one reason she looks great in bangs.

To get her signature, loose, wavy tresses, he suggests wrapping hair in a figure-8 motion around a curling iron.It works best on a rod that starts narrow and gets wider.

"What we are doing at Aveda is using several irons in different sizes, really mixing up the textures," he said.
Another way is to use the Velco rollers that were popular in the 80s.

"Dry your hair, put in a light spray, throw those in for 15 minutes then hit it with a blow dryer," Villeneuve said. Just spiral the hair around the rollers. Use a a few different sizes. (I love how he say: "hit it with a blow dryer.")

He's also high on the Nalu Waver, a dual barrel curling iron that's pretty new on the retail market. Most websites are sold out but it has been available on for $179.

However you get your waves, Villeneuve suggests a finishing solution or cream to fight frizziness.

As for duplicating Pfeiffer as Catwoman in 1992's Batman Returns, it's a lot harder to look great in a leather skull cap.

But as Pfeiffer's Catwoman would say: "Life's a b*tch. Now so am I."