7-Day Outlook

In Horseshoe Beach, near where Idalia made landfall, aerial drone imagery from a Tampa Bay Times reporter shows a displaced vehicle spewing gasoline into a neighborhood canal.
Wastewater, fuel and chemicals spilled in several parts of the state as the massive storm caused extensive flooding.
Sept. 8• Environment
Rising tides submerged soaked belongings strewn across Shore Acres lawns the day after Idalia made landfall. Fires ignited in flooded homes.
Aug. 31• Hurricane
The 40-year-old was driving in heavy rain in the Tampa Bay area when he crashed into a tree Aug. 30, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said.
Sept. 11• Hurricane
Here are some organizations collecting donations and offering assistance.
Aug. 31• Hurricane



  1. This infrared satellite image shows tropical storms Philippe and Rina spinning in the Atlantic east of the Caribbean's Leeward Islands on Friday.
  2. A damaged home caused by Hurricane Ian seen along Fort Myers Beach on Oct. 3, 2022.
  3. Fishing boats pushed onto land during Hurricane Ian are pictured on Dec. 2 in Fort Myers Beach.
  4. Paul DeGaeta with the 42-foot Bachelor Pad behind him. The boat has been wedged between pilings beside Bonita Bill’s bar on Fort Myers Beach for almost a year. In his booklet, Capt. Paul put it under the headline, “Bellying up to the bar.”
  5. After retiring in 2012, Arthur Schnurpel moved to Florida from Indiana to live out his dream of being close to the beach.
  6. National Hurricane Center forecasters do not expect Philippe to change in strength in the coming days, though it could weaken into nothing more than a remnant low over the weekend.
  7. A wave sweeps through a mat of mangrove roots, many of which showed signs of damage on Sept. 18 on Three Rooker Island off Pinellas County.
  8. National Hurricane Center forecasters are monitoring a trio of systems including Tropical Storm Philippe, a system off Africa that is likely to become a tropical depression by midweek and a low-pressure system that emerged Sunday in the Gulf of Mexico.
  9. A road cuts through a flooded area south of Perry, Fla., following the passage of Hurricane Idalia, on Aug. 30, 2023. Florida agriculture losses from Hurricane Idalia are estimated at between $78 million and $371 million, with producers also suffering widespread damage to such infrastructure as irrigation rigs and fences.

Hurricane Emergency Information

Here are the latest evacuation maps (interactive and printable), shelter locations and emergency information provided by your county:

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