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  1. Hurricane

Hurricane Dorian: Scooters will be collected in Tampa to prevent projectiles

As a storm approaches, there’s a plan for Tampa’s dockless, electric scooters.

The four scooter companies that launched in Tampa this summer are prepared to round up all scooters if a hurricane watch is issued for the area.

Bird, Lime, Spin and Jump sent their hurricane preparedness plans to the city by Thursday, which include moving the scooters to secure buildings.

The operating agreement between the city and companies requires the companies pick up all vehicles located in the city within 12 hours of a hurricane watch being issued for Tampa Bay. The city can also choose to make that request earlier, according to the agreement.

The city of Miami already requested its electric scooter companies to pick up their vehicles by noon today.

The fear is that the dockless scooters, which are left haphazardly around streets and sidewalks, could turn into projectiles during a storm.

“Bird has a team who monitors the weather in all of our cities in order to be sure our scooters are not nested if the weather would be unsafe for our riders or others in the community,” Bird representative Servando Esparza wrote to the city of Tampa on Wednesday.

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