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  1. Hurricane

Sixty lives saved: the Coast Guard’s Clearwater Air Station’s role in the Dorian recovery

Cargo planes, helicopters and people are all part of the effort.

U.S. Coast Guard personnel from the Clearwater air station have rescued more than 60 survivors in the Bahamas after the island nation was ravaged by Hurricane Dorian this week, officials there said Wednesday.

The update came as rescue and relief efforts are getting underway in full force now that the catastrophic hurricane has moved north, making way for first responders. The storm, once a Category 5, stalled atop the Bahamas, pummeling the islands with rain, wind and storm surge for more than 24 hours.

C-130 cargo planes from the air station, near Largo next to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, have been ferrying people to the islands, landing on Nassau and Andros Island, according to Capt. Joseph McGilley, the air station’s commanding officer. The station’s MH-60 helicopters have been landing in damaged areas to rescue people in critical need.

“It’s heartwrenching," McGilley said of the families whose homes have been destroyed. "They’re still standing in water that hasn’t receded.”

But, he said, Bahamians have been “resilient.”

“They recognize the fact that not all can be evacuated at this time, and they are making sure the critically injured and the young are the first out,” McGilley said at a news conference inside a hangar on the Air Station Clearwater base, in front of an MH-60 rescue helicopter.

Those who are being evacuated are being taken to Nassau, he said.

The hardest part of the operation has been just getting to people, as harbors and runways in the destroyed areas are unusable, he said.

He implored well-meaning people who are not part of official rescue missions to stay away from the islands. Those who come unprepared face the possibility of needing rescue themselves.

“You’re going to put your own lives... at risk,” McGilley said.

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