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  1. Hurricane

Tropical Storm Karen threatens Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

A tropical storm warning is currently in effect for the eastern Caribbean

As Tropical Storm Karen begins a turn to the north, a tropical storm warning has been issued for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Forecasters are predicting 2-4 inches of rainfall for the islands through Wednesday, while some areas can expect to see as much as 6 inches. The Monday morning advisory also warns of flash flooding and mudslides - especially for areas with mountainous terrain.

The storm is expected to begin impacting the region by Tuesday afternoon.

Tropical Storm Karen currently has maximized sustained winds of 40 miles per hour. Fluctuations in strength are expected due to high upper-level winds.

Meanwhile, a tropical wave over western Africa rapidly developed into Tropical Depression 13 after moving offshore over the weekend.

The depression currently has maximum-sustained winds of 35 miles per hour and is expected to reach tropical storm status later today.

The system is currently moving west at 15 miles per hour.

Jennifer Hubbard, a senior meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Tampa said that the depression is expected to be a “fish storm,” a storm which poses little threat to land.

Hubbard said that while the depression is expected to form into a hurricane around midweek, the rapid development isn’t a indicative of a storm’s potential.

Instead, Hubbard said that she is keeping a close eye on Tropical Storm Karen. As the storm turns north, it’s possible that Karen could stall much like Dorian did - prolonging the effects on areas in the storm’s path.

Tropical Storm Jerry is continuing its move to the north. The storm is expected to begin shifting to the east Tuesday afternoon and is projected to pass along the northern coastline of Bermuda on Wednesday.

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