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Hurricane 2021: The Tampa Bay Times will keep you informed

We’re using social media, video, push alerts and more to give you the latest storm updates on all your desktop and mobile devices.
For the latest news and updates throughout hurricane season, check
For the latest news and updates throughout hurricane season, check [ Photo illustration by ASHLEY DYE | Times and Shutterstock ]
Published May 26
Updated May 27

Coming off a historic hurricane season with a record number of storms, the Tampa Bay Times is using more ways than ever to keep you up to date on tropical weather.

In the event a named storm is on the way, we’ll post news stories, photographs, videos, evacuation updates and more on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and more.

Follow us at these accounts to get the latest:






On Facebook, we have a group dedicated to hurricane news and community discussions, where you can post your own information, ask questions and interact with other members. You can join by going to Keep in mind that we will change the name of the group whenever a major storm threatens Florida, so you also can search for our group by the storm’s name.

On, we’re still keeping track of COVID-19 news and precautions, including how getting supplies, evacuating or hunkering down may be affected. All of our coronavirus news can be found at

We also have an entire section on our website dedicated to hurricane preparation, tracking the latest storms, local emergency orders and evacuations, and covering the aftermath at

If you want to get the latest hurricane stories without searching for them, sign up for desktop notifications about the most important stories we’re publishing. Turn on these notifications when you see a pop-up window on asking if you’d like to get them. Click “allow” when you see the box in your browser, and you’re all set.

We also can keep you informed through our news app, which provides mobile notifications through your phone or tablet. You can download it through your favorite app store, or go to You can then customize the app to get the notifications you want in a storm, including news and weather alerts.

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