Track Hurricane Ian’s path in Florida

See the storm’s latest cone, satellite image and live video around Tampa Bay.
Published Sept. 27, 2022|Updated Sept. 30, 2022

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The latest: As of Thursday, Ian has passed Orlando as a tropical storm, heading toward Florida’s Atlantic Coast after devastating the southwest part of the state. Its most recent track predicts it will regain strength over the ocean and head north toward South Carolina.

Here’s more info on closures around Tampa Bay and what to do if your home is damaged as the storm makes its way across the state.

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Where is Ian heading right now?

Here is the latest forecast track and cone from the National Hurricane Center, as well as recent satellite footage. The line and cone represent where the eye of the storm is expected to go in the coming days.

No prediction is exact — the cone shows the range that two out of three storms would take on average. But a third of the time, storms leave the cone.

A storm’s effects can reach much farther than its eye. This satellite video shows the storm for the last three hours.

Hover or tap on the circles on the map to see when the storm is predicted to reach each point.

Data from the National Hurricane Center. Video images from the National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service.

Where is Ian causing flooding?

Real-time data shows which rivers and streams across the state have reached flood stage. Hover or tap on a dot to see current flooding and which areas are at risk. This map doesn’t measure flooding over normally dry land, only where rivers and streams could overflow.

Live video feed: What does Ian look like right now?

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Cameras from...

University of Tampa Riverfront

Source: University of Tampa

St. Petersburg Waterfront

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