It’s scammers, not Tampa Electric, telling customers to pay up or lose power

As Hurricane Ian looms, con artists are trying to scare residents out of their money, but don’t fall for it.
Beware of scammers who contact you by email or text to tell you your electricity is about to be cut off unless you pay your bill immediately.
Beware of scammers who contact you by email or text to tell you your electricity is about to be cut off unless you pay your bill immediately. [ ELISE AMENDOLA | AP ]
Published Sept. 28, 2022

TAMPA - Scammers never miss a chance to take advantage of a situation — including using an impending major hurricane to prey on worried residents.

Tampa Electric Co. has seen an uptick in the last 24 hours in a con that’s been played for years: Bad actors purporting to be the electric utility emailing and texting customers and telling them if they don’t pay their bill right now. their power will be cut off. Links to make payments are often included.

When scammers try this swindle by calling on the phone, they often “spoof” the company’s phone number so it looks like Tampa Electric is calling.

“These emails are not from us,” said Tampa Electric spokesperson Cherie Jacobs. “These are scammers trying to get your money.”

In fact, the company has suspended disconnections until further notice. “The employees of Tampa Electric are 100 percent focused on Hurricane Ian,” she said.

While customers would normally be encouraged to call Tampa Electric with questions about their bills, during the storm they can go to, she said.

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