1. Pasco

'I hold myself accountable,' Pasco schools superintendent says

Pasco County schools superintendent Kurt Browning hasn't announced whether he'll seek a second term in the 2016 election cycle.

He sounded some key notes, though, in his annual welcome back message to teachers on Monday.

With newly renovated Quail Hollow Elementary School as his backdrop, Browning stressed a theme that would likely reemerge in any campaign he runs: Promises made, promises kept.

He noted that when his administration closed Quail Hollow and Shady Hills elementary schools two years ago for complete overhauls, many in the community didn't believe the schools would reopen.

"But I gave my word," Browning said. "You see, I hold myself accountable for following through, and I expect those around me to do the same. We delivered on our promise to those communities."

He continued the theme.

"Something else I've promised is to continue increasing staff salaries," Browning said. "My goal is to make Pasco competetive with surrounding districts. So I am thrilled that we completed union negotiations before the school year, and staff will see a 3 percent average pay increase in their Sept. 4 or 11 paycheck, depending on their position."

After reviewing other points he considers key to a strong school year, Browning ended with a declaration that parents and voters should be able to measure if Browning becomes a candidate.

"We have never been better positioned to achieve academic success," he said, "than we are this year."

Time will tell.

Want to see his entire message? Watch it below.