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In support of gothic beachwear

This is the dress I wore!
This is the dress I wore!
Published Sep. 14, 2016

I went to the beach over the weekend and wore this Forever21 gray dress with black palm trees I bought it last year before moving to New York City for an internship.

I wanted something with both a tropical vibe that reminded me of Florida and the sleek, edgy look I always associated with the city.

Well, turns out I was on to something.

One of my friends and colleagues, Scott Pollenz, told me it reminded him of a gothic beachwear spread in GQ. The photographed styles include the palm trees we know and love but shaded black and thrown against white, gray or red backdrops.

"It's a mash-up of Hawaiian florals, Nantucket prep, and the Lucifer-gone-country stylings of Johnny Cash, all delivered with a sly smile," the article says, "and it's here to save you from the jazz hands of 'beachwear.'"


This is not only a more subdued substitute to beach fashion that can too often be summarized by one those sequin Victoria's Secret tote/beach bags.

And that makes it the perfect transition to ~fall beachwear~ which can't really exist most places but absolutely can and should exist in Florida. Our leaves may not change, but our bathing suits and cover ups still can.