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Company offers $14,460 per person for ruined Italy cruises

ROME — Costa Crociere SpA offered uninjured passengers $14,460 apiece Friday to compensate them for lost baggage and the psychological trauma they suffered after their cruise ship ran aground and capsized off Tuscany.

But many passengers are refusing to accept the deal, saying they can't yet put a figure on the costs of the trauma they endured. And lawyers are backing them up, telling passengers it's far too soon to know how people's lives and livelihoods might be affected by the experience.

Costa announced the offer after negotiations with consumer groups who say they are representing 3,206 passengers from 61 countries who suffered no physical harm when the massive Costa Concordia cruise ship hit a reef on Jan. 13.

In addition to the lump sum, Costa, a unit of Miami-based Carnival Corp., said it would reimburse uninjured passengers the full costs of their cruise, their return travel expenses and any medical expenses they sustained after the grounding.

The deal does not apply to the crew, about 100 people who were injured or the families who lost relatives. Sixteen bodies were recovered and 16 people are listed as missing and presumed dead.