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BIRCH RUN, Mich. — Donald Trump says his campaign is prepared to lay out specific policy plans. He's just not ready yet.

And in the meantime, he's selling his strong personality and criticizing his rivals, particularly Jeb Bush for a lack of vigor.

"There's no energy there, no energy. We need energy. We need tone," Trump said of Bush during a 50-minute speech to more than 2,000 people at a Republican fundraising dinner in Michigan.

It was Trump's first appearance as a presidential candidate in Michigan. He decried China's decision to devalue its currency and Ford Motor Co.'s planned $2.5 billion investment in Mexico. He told reporters he would announce policy specifics over the next two weeks, but cautioned: "You really have to be flexible on jobs and everything else."

Trump also criticized Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders after Black Lives Matter protesters derailed one of his rallies.