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No bail yet for man in day care crash

ORLANDO — A man who authorities say drove a sport utility vehicle that crashed into another vehicle, sending it spinning into a day care center where a girl was killed and 14 people were injured, was ordered Friday to stay in jail until a judge can determine whether he is a flight risk.

Robert Corchado, 28, will be held in jail until at least Monday when a judge will hear arguments on whether he can be released on bail, Circuit Judge Jerry Brewer said during a first appearance hearing.

Bail was initially set for $100,000, but a prosecutor told the judge that Corchado was a flight risk and that he should be held without bond. "I have a witness here, a trooper, who can testify that he is a flight risk," prosecutor Austin Price said. "He has it on good authority that this defendant, is planning, once he posts bond, to leave the country."

Corchado's public defender, Jon de Armas, asked that the $100,000 bail remain in place.

Police say Corchado crashed his Dodge Durango into a convertible, which in turn smashed into the KinderCare building on Wednesday. Corchado fled the scene, authorities said. A manhunt across Florida ended Thursday with Corchado's arrest. He was charged with leaving the scene of a deadly accident almost precisely 24 hours after the KinderCare facility in Winter Park was torn open in the wreck.