Johns Hopkins promised to elevate All Children’s Heart Institute. Then patients started to die at an alarming rate.
The campaign is over. The candidate might be dead. But the spending never stops.
The Hillsborough School District found lead in its water. It didn’t tell parents for a year.
Thousands of people flew Allegiant last year thinking their planes wouldn't fail in the air. They were wrong.
Tampa Electric knew the procedure was dangerous. It sent workers in anyway.
How Pinellas County School District leaders turned five once-average schools into failure factories.
Florida cut $100 million from its mental hospitals. Chaos quickly followed.
An unprecedented review of Florida police shootings reveals how fear and bias breed confusion, how order quickly order dissolves into chaos, and ways to avert the violence.
Kids are driving Pinellas County's car theft epidemic. It's a dangerous — sometimes deadly — game.

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