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The company sent statements and a letter threatening to sue the Times.
Published March 1, 2020|Updated March 1, 2020

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The Times first contacted GardaWorld’s press office in July 2019, asking for an interview about Garda’s safety record. The company declined, and then declined additional requests for interviews in August, September and December, each of which was sent along with an update on what the Times’ reporting showed at that time.

In response to the request in September, the company sent the following statement:

We thank you for your follow-up.

Upon review of your subsequent correspondence, we note that you make a number of false and baseless claims regarding our safety practices and operations. It is categorically false that our trucks lack basic safety features or that we do not invest in our fleet. GardaWorld would not have passed DOT or other government audits if that were the case. We wanted to inform you now, before you publish, that these claims, among others made, are provably false and do not reflect our current operations.

As stated in our previously provided statement, the safety of our people and members of the public are paramount in our day-to-day work. We have industry-leading safety policies and protocols in place, including mandatory employee training. We follow industry-standard processes to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations, and we are audited on a regular basis by local, State and federal authorities – including the DOT. As an industry leader, we are constantly working – and investing in our operations – to improve our performance.

As such and as previously confirmed, beyond the statement already provided and the clarifications above, we decline to participate in this story.

Best regards,

The GardaWorld Communications Team

Sept. 19, 2019

In response to the request in December, the company sent the following statement:

As stated in our previous correspondence, the safety of our people and members of the public is paramount in our day-to-day work. At GardaWorld, we believe that one accident, is one accident too many. Our success and ability to serve our clients is built on our unwavering commitment to reduce accident frequency and improve our overall health and safety performance. To insinuate otherwise, particularly based on outdated and misleading data, is baseless and portrays GardaWorld in a false light that is not reflective of our current operations.

Our cash services business today is led by a strong team of experienced operators, who have been working relentlessly to integrate the many legacy, family-owned businesses acquired over the last years. Today our business is a professional, industry leading organization. To compare our business today to what is was when we started consolidating the market in 2008 is false and misleading.

Over the last three years, we have invested over $200 million in our fleet, including the purchase of over 550 new armored vehicles, with an additional 160 new armored trucks to be delivered in 2020. One of our internal missions is to be best at safety and security, and we are particularly invested in ensuring the enforcement of required training and protocols for our over 5,000 drivers and messengers.

We continue to monitor and investigate all events to learn from them and are always saddened by events incurring injury or loss of life. If you are aware of any safety incidents that are currently occurring, we would appreciate the specific information to ensure that they are properly investigated and resolved.

We will not comment on individual cases or matters that have been before the courts.

GardaWorld Communications Team

Dec. 13, 2019

After a final update and interview request in February, Garda’s communications department declined to comment. But an attorney for the company sent a letter threatening to sue the Times. That’s below, followed by a response from the Times’ attorneys and a subsequent response from Garda’s.