Isaac from 'The Love Boat' was a real-life bartender

Published Mar. 5, 2015

You know TV's Love Boat theme song by heart, but did you know that "the world's most famous bartender" actually WAS a certified mixologist? Ted Lange, who played Isaac Washington on the TV show from 1977 to 1987, has even concocted a new drink for Princess Cruises, the owner of the fabled Pacific Princess, to honor the show's legacy.

"Most people don't know that while I was serving up drinks on the Love Boat, I also became a licensed bartender in real life," said Lange, in a Princess media announcement.

The name of the new drink? "The Isaac," of course. Get the recipe to make it at home.

And in case you're wondering, the actual Pacific Princess ended up an a scrap yard a few years ago. Size-wise compared to today's Princess ships, the Pacific Princess was tiny, carryling less than 800 passengers.